Ask about our latest success Your Baby Can Read, and the secrets behind the Direct Response campaign that we developed.


Direct Response Consulting

xClosure (XC) was founded in 2007 and has been fully engaged in the direct response marketing field. XC’s mission is to bring high quality products to life through television and direction marketing campaigns. XC is one of a few select firms offering a full suite of direct response services to manage a campaign from start to finish. XC has the necessary experience and industry connections to achieve extraordinary success with the right products in a direct response campaign. With the vast combined experience and expertise of the XC staff, XC has developed a proprietary method of managing the entire campaign, uniquely positioning XC as a thought leader in the industry.


XC’s services cover all aspects of a direct response campaign including; setting up contracts and agreements with reliable network partners to perform specific functions not done in-house by XC and directly overseeing that such functions are performed properly. XC manages and coordinates the campaign’s operations, including technical support, call center activity, product fulfillment and distribution, inventory control, and web-site and vendor management. XC is instrumental in finalizing product development by organizing an ongoing think tank and review panel, adhering to proven product development procedures, product testing, finding competent and competitive vendors/manufacturers and managing those vendors to established deadlines and quality specifications. XC also fills the internal management function of the campaign’s organization, provides advice in monitoring cash-flows and profitability, negotiating and executing contracts with service providers and vendors, developing long term and international strategies and growth plans and hiring and training staff. XC additionally provides sales and marketing services over the sales organization structure, sales management and training, marketing strategies development, e-Commerce alliances, trade show strategies, radio and other media campaigns and of course the design, production and fulfillment of the infomercial(s) itself.

DR Methodology

The XC campaign methodology has been internally developed to ensure every aspect of the campaign is planned and executed as effectively as possible. The scientific approach of the methodology breaks the campaign down into three distinct phases, with specific identifiable and measurable tasks in each phase. Each task is measured on a consistent basis, on several related key performance indicators like, Cost per Call, Multiple Earnings Ratio, Conversion Rate, Decline Rate, Return Rate, Bad Debts, Cost of Sale, etc. With the deployment of this proven methodology, XC can effectively plan each part of the campaign and keep a constant pulse on the efficiency of all its moving parts from start to finish.

XC has also developed an in-depth, product screening process to assess a product’s likelihood for success in the direct response business model. Analyzing and grading 14 key aspects of the product, the product’s industry, and the target customer base, XC can access the product’s potential. These aspects include, demonstrability, customer need, size of target market, believability, level of competition, product size and product price to cost ratio. In addition to this evaluation, XC goes through an extensive questionnaire with the inventor/owner of each product to verify its reliability, state of development, credibility of the inventor, ownership rights, production requirements, etc. XC applies this process to all the product ideas it receives for placement in a direct marketing campaign, and can thus effectively single out those with the highest probability of success.

Past Experience

Our management team has been heavily involved in the direct response industry for many years and has achieved significant levels of success therein. Prior to launching XC, we successfully produced and marketed the brain enhancing and speed reading product EyeQ through a direct response campaign. EyeQ is seen as a direct response phenomenon and is one of the most successful intellectual product direct response campaigns ever, selling nearly 1 million units and generating over $200 million in revenues.

The XC team has:

• Successfully launched 8 long form infomercials generating an average of 3 MER.
• Received the Greensheet award for Infomercial Excellence – Best Self Help Infomercial
• Driven $27.4 million in annual sales for a single product.
• Escalated online lead generation revenue from $528,000 to $2.3 million in one year.
• Reduced a products inbound return rate from 40% to 28%.
• Enhanced the product offering by developing secondary, complementary products.
• Rebounded a Radio Campaign from a 1.2 to a 4.5 MER.
• Reduced an infomercial cost from $75 per call to $35 per call.
• Maintained a campaign’s weekly online marketing ROI between 600-900%
• Launched and managed a web campaign producing $700,000 in weekly revenue.
• Launched the Your Baby Can Read phenomenon

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