Management Team

Steve Glick – CEO

Steve Glick is the founder and CEO of xClosure.  Steve has been heavily involved in the direct response industry for over 12 years and has been the recipient of numerous awards including the Greensheet award for best self help infomercial. Prior to launching xClosure Steve was the CEO of Infinite Mind, where he was instrumental in launching and managing the direct response EyeQ campaign, which was a direct response phenomenon selling nearly 1 million units, generating over $200 million in revenue.

Steve’s list of accomplishments include:

•    Successfully launched 8 long form infomercials generating an average of 3 MER
•    Drove $27.4 million in annual sales for a single product
•    Escalated online lead generation revenue from $528,000 to $2.3 million in one year
•    Reduced a products inbound return rate from 40% to 28%
•    Rebounded a Radio Campaign from a 1.2 to a 4.5 MER
•    Reduced an infomercial cost from $75 per call to $35 per call
•    Maintained a campaign’s weekly online marketing ROI between 600-900%
•    Launched and managed a web campaign producing $700,000 in weekly revenue
•    Launched the Your Baby Can Read phenomenon

Tony Glick – Partner

Tony Glick is one of the original founders of xClosure.  Tony is responsible for ongoing decision-making, delegating and the implementation of all sales and marketing strategies. Tony has exceptional marketing skills and is very adept when it comes to direct response procedures. Tony has a unique talent for networking and bringing people together. Tony possesses great leadership qualities and is able to assemble teams of salespeople who are committed and loyal to his direction. He has demonstrated unique training abilities and is able to coach sales and marketing people to reach their potentials.

Tony began his career in sales. As a salesman he quickly gained a reputation as a hard worker and an intense competitor with a drive to be number one.  As a result he found his way to the top in each organization he worked for.  Tony is also a very talented speaker and motivator.  He recently authored a self-help book to share his passion for life and business.

Tony’s list of accomplishments include:

•    Awarded top salesmen for two years straight in an organization with 40 sales people
•    Bringing in clients that have generated nearly 200 million dollars in TV and Internet revenue
•    Designed an incentive program for a sales organization resulting in a 150% increase in weekly sales
•    Responsible for building an outbound sales organization with over 60 salesmen for Infinite Mind – (generating over 8 million dollars in gross    revenue per year)
•    Developed a new management structure which included: reports, commission structures and governing policies that resulted in a 100% increase in company revenue over the first year

For questions regarding our company please contact Steve Glick at 801.560.4605

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